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Shape Intervention Bins: Rocket Shapes

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About This Product

Shape Intervention Bins: Rocket Shapes

The Shape Intervention Bins: Rocket Shapes is a carefully curated teaching resource that has been specially designed to enhance the learning process for Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. The primary objective of this resource is to build math skills, with an emphasis on gaining a thorough understanding of solid (3D) shapes.

This enviable teaching resource includes 15 pages in printable PDF format, comprising twelve shape matching cards printed two on each page. Besides this, there are two title cover options, which can be used for the bin where these cards can be stored when not in use.

Introducing the Activity

Rocket Shapes – Shape Intervention Bins function effectively as an activity tool that enriches the teaching process on solid (3D) shapes through an engaging rocket theme. It integrates easily with various thematic units, offering interactive yet concentrated learning conditions.

  • Simplicity:The game requires students to match each rocket card with another bearing precisely the same shape ─ promoting recognition and comprehension of different shapes among learners.
  • Versatility:Suitable for whole group sessions, small group activities or individual assignments ─ providing educators flexibility in adopting it into their curriculum plans.
  • Efficacy:An invaluable intervention tool particularly beneficial for learners requiring additional support in identifying and understanding different types of shapes..

Setting up Process

To get started─each rocket sheet must be cut along a dotted line then folded along a clear solid line. Afterward, educators should laminate these folded card sets ensuring durability and future use. The core involvement lies in observing the distinct shapes within each star – achieved by tracing them with dry erase markers. Subsequently, learners flip over the laminated cards to verify their answers─encouraging self-correction from early stages.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Shape Intervention Bins: Rocket Shapes resource dramatically boosts student engagement while bolstering their comprehensive understanding of solid (3D) shapes. Through this dynamic and innovative mathematical resource, it accomplishes its prime purpose.

What's Included

1 PDF with 15 usable pages

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shapes intervention math skills solid shapes matching

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