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Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Fishing

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Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

The Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Fishing

This is an essential tool designed to significantly improve math skills, specifically in geometry, among Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. It aids greatly in enhancing students' familiarity with 2D or plane shapes.


  • The resource contains a printable 7-page PDF document.
  • The PDF includes a unique range of shape fish along with two title cover options for your bin's convenience.
  • Affords both color and black & white printing options for versatility.

An outstanding aspect of this resource is the engaging fishing theme, aligning seamlessly with classroom units like oceanic studies, wildlife camps or arctic explorations. Thus making learning immersive and enjoyable as opposed to traditional methods.

Involving tasks such as using a magnetic fishing pole to catch fishes that represent various shapes makes learning fun and interesting!


This educational tool can be efficiently used across different group settings including whole class environments or small study groups depending on instructional needs. Its adaptable nature ensures integration into varied curriculum methodologies ranging from center activities to dedicated intervention exercises targeting students needing additional shape recognition guidance.

Setup Process

  1. The setup process requires printing out shape fishes
  2. Next step involves adhering small metal washers on the back before laminating them. This not only helps in durability but adds another layer of practicable fun!


The Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Fishing offers more than your typical educational resource—it presents itself as an interactive platform where learning meets play thereby advancing notable progress in understanding shapes amongst young learners in their primary stages.

What's Included

1 PDF with 7 usable pages

Resource Tags

geometry 2D shapes math skills interactive learning shape recognition

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