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Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Hunt

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About This Product

Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Hunt - Engaging Education Resource

Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Hunt is an interactive teaching resource ideal for elementary school educators aimed at enhancing students' understanding of 2D shapes. This activity promotes the recognition, identification of shapes and creativity through an engaging shape hunt.

The package comprises a 14-page printable PDF, including shape magnifying glasses to enhance children's shape-hunting skills. For versatility, these materials are provided in both color and black and white. Also included are two distinct title cover options to customize the bins for card storage.

Setting Up The Activity:

  1. Print out magnifying glasses.
  2. Cut them out by removing their centers.
  3. Laminate these magnifying glasses ensuring clear plastic within each device's midsection remains intact.

This versatile resource turns any environment into a learning haven, allowing students to explore their surroundings using the provided tools – no additional equipment or resources required. It seamlessly integrates into small group settings or whole-class instruction as a structured curriculum enrichment activity and supportive intervention.

This resource isn't limited to regular school-hours instructional timeframes but can also be used for homework assignments that extend learning beyond traditional environments—further catering towards reinforcing geometric concepts or remediation needs.

Bonus Learning Activities:

  • Analytical Thinking: Students record the items identified during their shape hunts on supplied sheets – promoting analytical thinking skills.
  • Fine Motor Skills: As they sketch discovered objects on worksheets, they develop fine motor skills.

No matter if it’s first graders or second-grade students undergoing math intensives; this flexible, intuitive tool enables teachers and homeschooling parents alike to create engaging learning experiences that go beyond standard geometry lessons. By combining math education with a sense of discovery and exploration, Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Hunt is an innovative step forward in education resources.

What's Included

1 PDF with 14 usable pages

Resource Tags

shape recognition geometry math skills interactive activity creative thinking

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