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Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Lace

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About This Product

Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Lace

A distinctive teaching resource shaped to amplify students' mathematical abilities and deepen their comprehension of shapes. This instrument is ideal for 1st and 2nd grade educators who are engrossed in supporting mathematical learning, especially geometry.

About Shape Lace

This engaging tool contains 19-pages of printable PDF, featuring shape cards and two title cover suggestions that assist educators in easy organization. This exclusive learning material revolves around a narrative of a mouse attempting to reach its cheese through various shapes.

Educational Benefits
  • Promotion of hands-on activities that improve learners' cognitive recognition ability - focusing primarily on 2D (plane) shapes.
  • Fusion of famous children literature like 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' into the learning process.
  • The possibility to use during whole-group sessions, small group tasks or as homework assignments encouraging independent studying at home too.
  • Suits intervention activities for learners requiring extra help in identifying shapes exceptionally well.
Setting Up Materials:
  1. Print out the shape cards provided within the given package.
  2. Cut out each card accurately before moving forward with laminating them.
  3. Add holes along each card from point A (mouse) to point B (cheese).

In conclusion, Shape Lace Intervention Bins offer an enticing platform urging active involvement while navigating young minds towards their basic apprehension journey surrounding geometric structures efficiently.

What's Included

1 PDF with 19 usable pages

Resource Tags

shape recognition geometry learning hands-on activities intervention resources math skills

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