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Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Drive

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Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Shape Intervention Bins: Shape Drive

Shape Drive is a purposeful tool designed to spark young students' interest in geometry and steer their understanding towards success.

Main Features:

  • This resource boasts a 21-page PDF highlighting vibrant shape roads and uniquely shaped cars; all available in both color and black & white.
  • Aimed at the first and second grades, it enhances students' skills in learning 2D shapes.
  • The car theme complements topics tied to transportation units seamlessly enabling creative learning methods.


The design offers boundless possibilities for usage because of its flexibility. It can be leveraged during whole classes or small groups, serving as center activity or used for more focused intervention sessions with students needing additional support with shape identification. The main task involves matching cars to corresponding roads based on similar shapes, linking learning about geometry to fun!

Setup Instructions:

  1. Print out the pages,
  2. Cut out the shape roads and shaped cars,
  3. Laminate them(all) - this ensures that they last longer,
Your children/students are set for a thrilling journey through each road using its respective car!
Bonus Benefits:
    Beyond facilitating active learning of geometric shapes by involving your pupils physically through car-road matching activities, this product supports an integrative approach which fosters cognitive development while stimulating visual learners’ interest.
The good news? This asset isn't season-bound thus making it indispensable any time during a school year regardless of term themes or concepts. Wrapping up,
This Shape intervention drive guarantees premium value addition to every maths class tackling geometry concepts, setting up children on a rewarding path marked by increased knowledge about plane shapes(2D) - this is largely credited to its appeal amongst eager young learners who favor fun-packed tasks, best suited for their age group.

What's Included

1 PDF with 21 usable pages

Resource Tags

geometry shapes intervention math instruction active learning

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