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Signal Template (Editable on Google Slides)

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Social Skills

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About This Product

Signal Template: An Innovative Teaching Resource

The Signal Template, editable on Google Slides, is an innovative teaching resource designed to foster creativity and improve communication skills among students. Being a versatile learning tool, it caters to all grades and primarily focuses on enhancing social skills.

Dual-Format Availability

One of the unique aspects of this teaching tool lies in its dual-format availability. It comes in both a printable PDF format as well as an editable Google Slides version, offering flexibility based on your educational environment's specific needs and technological access. The editable design further facilitates customization according to individual student needs or a particular lesson plan.

The 'Signal' Connection

  1. The Signal Template allows students to construct conversations closely mimicking those occurring via modern day messaging applications like Signal.

  2. It provides different layouts aligning with common smartphone interfaces – Android apps screen layout, iPhone apps screen layout and Signal’s main contact list layout.

  3. Create six distinct message layouts aimed at nurturing diverse creative explorations in conversation crafting among students.

Potential Applications

  • Narrative Interactions: Having characters having revelatory interactions from novels they're reading about
  • Historical Dialogues: Conversing with historical figures conjured from textbook information..
  • Personal Reflections:Aids in deeply internalizing subject matter content while developing creative writing abilities simultaneously.There's even potential for personal reflection activities such as imaginary dialogue between friends or family members.
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Completion and Progress

Upon completion of their inventive conversation template activities,the pupils can solidify their creations by saving an image of their conversation templates—a testament of their progress over time if maintained systematically.


This multifunctional resource seeds opportunity for educators keen on implementing interactive,motivating lessons whether offered up front during whole-group instruction,in smaller groups, classwork assignments,homework activities,personal study periods or even fun-filled examination revisions. Incorporate this gem into your repertoire today, to experientially witness the flourishing communication,and writing expertise/research folk of your learners.

What's Included

Signal template

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