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Skipping Rubric

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About This Product

The Skipping Rubric: An Essential Teaching Aid

The Skipping Rubric is a strategically created resource designed to facilitate assessment, encourage and engage students in breath-taking activities in Physical Education. It offers a framework for grading various attributes associated with skipping such as precision, rhythm, speed, and endurance.

Role of the Resource

This crucial tool plays a vital part in ingraining values of sportsmanship, teamwork and citizenship among students while engaging them in physically enriching games. The skills honed through these exercises provide benefits not only within the field of PE but also aid in enhancing overall physical prowess.

Versatility & Adaptability

The Skipping Rubric suits teachers teaching elementary to middle school grades but is adaptable even for high school grounds. It provides flexibility to be used across various setups - from whole class instructions to smaller group activities or individual evaluations during PE or active recess sessions.

  • Inclusive: Fosters an environment that encourages participation irrespective of varying abilities among students.
  • Detailed: Provided with clear setup instructions complemented by illustrations – user-friendly even for educators not specializing in P.E teachings; helpful while organizing active recess sessions or assisting regular PE teachers when required.
  • Achievement Awards: Features integral motivational elements across 19 vibrant color themes like Character Behavior Citizenship Sportsmanship Fitness Testing etc., effectively boosting student morale towards increased participation & performance improvement over time.
In essence, The Skipping Rubric, much more than being just an assessment tool; encapsulates the spirit of Physical Education classes by encouraging lifetime physical wellbeing discipline alongside fostering enjoyable learning experiences.

What's Included

1 PDF with 6 ready to print pages

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