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Special Handshake SEL Lesson Plus Handouts

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About This Product

Special Handshake SEL Lesson Plus Handouts: An Enthralling Expedition Into Social Emotional Learning

Welcome to the universe of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with the Special Handshake SEL Lesson Plus Handouts. This resource is a delightful tool designed for Grade 1 to Grade 4 students.

Embrace Community Building and Inter-Student Connection

We introduce an engaging activity where students are coupled randomly, preferably with someone less familiar, to create their own special handshake involving 8 to 10 unique gestures.

Mimicry through Model Videos

A short video featuring a teacher exemplifying special handshakes kindles inspiration into minds of young observers - preparing them for this intriguing task. They then perform and practice these handshakes until it becomes their second nature—young minds thus attain familiarity in social awareness and relationship building skills.

Ciphering Codes – Taking Lessons Beyond Gestures!
  • The class splits into two groups each entrusted with decoding different cryptic messages adding intrigue as well as bolstering team spirit.
  • Kids discover how crucial it is being discreet during such tasks; leading them towards learning fun & propriety together!

Incorporating this captivating educational resource can significantly enrich classroom dynamics whether applied within whole group discussions or small group activities—even serving as homework assignments sparking interactive involvement among family members!

This ready-to-use Google Slide formatted product ensures ease of use without any hassles related to preparation or comprehension of instructions—a completely user-friendly experience!

Promote social emotional education while maintaining high spirits today by adopting the invigorating world of Special Handshake SEL Lesson Plus Handouts—it truly does more than just bridging the 'classroom-community' gap. It channels students towards enhanced social skills & improved bonding activities.

What's Included

A fun lesson where students partner and create handshakes. There are 2 different extension activities-crack the code.

Resource Tags

social awareness relationship building community bonding interactive activities social emotional learning special handshake

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