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Suspense in Chapter 1 of Stephen King's The Mist: Diction and Setting + answers

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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Examining Suspense in Stephen King's The Mist\n\nThis educational resource helps secondary students analyze Stephen King's use of suspense in the first chapter of his novella The Mist, originally published in the short story collection Skeleton Crew. The 8 text-based questions guide learners to examine how King establishes an ominous tone and foreshadowing through descriptive diction and details about the setting. As students respond to the thought-provoking questions, they will gain a deeper understanding of how an acclaimed horror writer immediately draws in readers and develops an atmosphere thick with tension. This practical literacy activity comes with a suggested answer key so educators can easily implement it during suspense, horror, or Stephen King units. The Google Doc format allows teachers flexibility for whole-class analysis, small literature circles, or independent skill-building.

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