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Swiss Cross Shape Posters

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About This Product

Swiss Cross Shape Posters

These vibrant and compelling posters are designed to enhance students' knowledge of both 2D and 3D shapes. Crafted for the elementary school level, each poster displays clear information—an example of each shape along with its name. Real-life examples accompany a majority of shapes to aid students in visualising their practical applications.

Applicable across all grade levels, from preschool through fourth grade, these tools come in handy during geometry lessons. The use of 2D shapes ties directly with Virginia Math SOL 3.12 content; however, teachers can also leverage them for younger or older pupils.

Content encompasses:

  • Two-dimensional Geometry: Includes squares, rectangles, triangles plus trapezoids among others—covering ten different categories.
  • Solids: Pyramids, cubes and cylinders are some examples included.

Perfect for classroom decor or bulletin board displays during discussions about plane or three-dimensional figures, these posters can be used within diverse pedagogical frameworks: whole-class discussions during lecture sessions or group-based exploratory activities where children analyze each shape together could benefit from their use. They might even work well as visual homework assignments!

Durability factor:

Each one is printed on premium quality cardstock which is easily laminated making them durable enough to withstand frequent usage by young curious minds!

Bundled as part of a larger set:

The pack forms part of a broader 'Classroom Décor Set' at Teach Simple—which houses other relevant items such as Number Posters—to create an harmonious learning environment that's visually arresting yet deeply grounded in practical knowledge absorption.

With Swiss Cross Shape Posters, both students and teachers can navigate the world of geometry with confidence, clarity and an understanding of real-world applicability.

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