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Swiss Cross Color Posters

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About This Product

These are posters of the basic primary and intermediate colors plus some neutrals.

Each poster has the name of the color in a color block and then a real-life photo of something that same color. You can print these and use them as a poster for your classroom or bulletin board. It is recommended that you print them on card stock and laminate them to keep the posters nice year after year.

Colors included with photo description:

Red with a picture of an apple

Orange with a picture of an orange

Yellow with a picture of a banana and a lemon

Green with a picture of grass and a lizard

Blue with a picture of a blue ball

Purple with a picture of purple flowers

Pink with a picture of pink macarons

Black with a picture of a camera

Brown with a picture of a brown bear

White with a picture of a white puppy

Gray with a picture of two elephants

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