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Swiss Cross Genre Posters

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

These are reading genre posters covering some common genres encountered by elementary students. It is recommended that you print these on card stock and laminate them to keep them looking nice for years to come.

Each poster has the genre, followed by a brief description of the genre. There are also photos with each genre with a few having two variations of posters to choose the images that best suit your classroom community.

Genres included with photo description next to them:

Realistic fiction (there are two options for this genre, with photos of scouts or kids eating apples)

Historical fiction (carriage driver and black and white photo of a family with their car)

Science fiction (photo of a spaceship in space)

Fantasy (dragon on a building and girl reading a book that is sparkling)

Poetry (a pen and a man with paper)

Myth (various statues showing mythological characters)

Fable (tortoise and a hare and a lion and a mouse)

Folk tale (man sitting on a mountain playing a violin)

Fairy tale (woman in a fancy dress and a knight on horseback)

Tall tale (man on swimming horse battling fish)

Mystery (footprints, child with binoculars)

How To (there are two options for this genre, with photos of lego people with directions or a woman baking)

Nonfiction (man taking notes and panda eating)

Biography (there are two options for this genre with photos or an athlete in a wheelchair and a woman or a woman in indigenous dress and a Paralympic man)

Play (woman with a microphone and cast on stage)

Complete the decor set with everything you need for your classroom:

Number Posters

Writing Process Display

Binder Tabs

Color Posters

Classroom Posters and Decor

Birthday Chart

Open House Forms

Voice Levels Chart

Pre-Made and Editable Rules Posters

Editable Binder Covers

Shape Posters

Math Posters


Rainbow Cart (10 Drawer) Labels

Blank Standards/I Can Cards

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