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Swiss Cross Classroom Posters and Decor

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About This Product

This is a pack of all sorts of classroom posters and decor. It includes posters, pennant banners, letters for bulletin boards, borders for bulletin boards, and a set of classroom affirmations for putting around a mirror.

You can use these to create a cohesive, calm decor scheme for your classroom. Print what you need, laiminate them if desired, and use them to create bulletin boards, schedule displays, class jobs displays, table signs, labels, posters, nametags, sign language signs (for example, we use the letter "R" to indicate they need to use the restroom), and much more!

Included in this pack:
-Editable student name tags (in a variety of styles and fonts, with and without alphabets - in cursive and/or in print - and number lines)
-Schedule cards
-Editable Labels (in a variety of sizes and shapes)
-Class numbers (in a variety of styles and shapes, comes with editable version)
-Sound Wall/Word Wall Letters (in a variety of styles and sizes)
-Jobs chart (pre-made and editable versions)
-Table signs/labels (editable version included)

-Voice Levels Chart

-Classroom Decor Posters

-Classroom Pennants (editable version included)

-Editable Sign Language signs

-Affirmation Mirror Cards

-Digital slide backgrounds

-Bulletin board Letters

-Bulletin board borders

-Sharp/Dull Labels

-Subject Headers

-Work coming soon posters

-Editable teacher toolbox labels

Complete the decor set with everything else you might need for your classroom:

Number Posters

Writing Process Display

Binder Tabs

Color Posters

Birthday Chart

Open House Forms

Genre Posters

Voice Levels Chart

Pre-Made and Editable Rules Posters

Editable Binder Covers

Shape Posters

Math Posters


Rainbow Cart (10 Drawer) Labels

Blank Standards/I Can Cards

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