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The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma- Visual Mind Map (+Template)

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About This Product

The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma- Visual Mind Map (+Template)

This is a revolutionary teaching tool aimed at enhancing potential and productivity among students of all levels. It incorporates the principles of Robin Sharma's renowned book, The 5 AM Club, transforming them into an interactive mind map form applicable in whole group learning, small group discussions or as homework tasks.

Philosophy & Emphasis:
  • A firm belief in rising early at 5 am to amplify productivity through exercise, meditation and studying.
  • Promotion of self-improvement strategies leading to mastery over life's trajectory.

An added advantage lies in its visual design. Converting thoughts into connected paths simplifies an array of complex subjects or exam preparations for students.

All-in-one Package:

  1. PDF documents explaining the Benefits of Mind Mapping;
  2. A Template Link Download file directing you to this beneficial Visual Mind Map;
  3. HTML versions (Classic Mind Map and Right Aligned Mind Map) aligning with curriculum needs best.
  4. s

In a digital era overwhelmed with information surplus, The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma- Visual Mind Map (+Template) can be an outstanding source for teachers optimizing classroom communication; authors creating original content; entrepreneurs building dynamic business plans. Essentially anyone who needs innovative problem-solving schemes should use it - from ambitious students aiming for academic glory right up to CEOs devising corporate strategies.

Note: Optimum results will be achieved when viewed on desktop/laptop displays due to screen dimensions. But worry not! This versatile resource accessibility extends across all web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and even Internet Explorer. Hence making this resource a formidable must-have teaching tool.

What's Included

✔✔ Delivered Files : (in a Zip Folder)

1) Benefits of Mind Mapping (Pdf File)

2) Template Link Download file (Pdf file from where you can access this Visual Mind Map)

3) Visual Mind Map (HTML files) - 2 Variations - Classic Mind Map and Right Aligned Mind Map

◈ Mind Maps are best viewed directly on any web browser that you use - Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Safari / Opera / Internet Explorer ...etc


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