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There’s An Alien At Christmas (3-7 years)

There’s An Alien At Christmas (3-7 years)
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About This Product

'There’s An Alien At Christmas (3-7 years)' - Captivating Storytelling with Character-Building Themes

Following Zoggy, a friendly alien who lands on Earth, this narrative tells his enriching journey of making friends, being accepted, and experiencing human customs. In this particular tale set around Christmas time, Zoggy is invited to Dan's house for the winter festivities but isn’t sure what to expect.

A Resource that Opens Up Numerous Teaching Avenues

  • This engaging story can serve as stimulating reading material during group reading sessions or be used individually by students during self-paced reading time.
  • It can function as a great discussion-starter about cultural experiences and inclusivity.
  • The useful lessons on overcoming common childhood fears make it suitable as a comforting bedtime read at home.

Digital Learning Scenarios Compatible-

'There’s An Alien At Christmas' aligns itself with modern methods by also being accessible through Google Classroom – perfect for online learning scenarios!

Fits Best For-

  • Kindergarten teachers: trying out theme-based storytelling;

  • Grade 1 & 2 teachers:duty-bound to intertwine festive joy in language comprehension exercises;; i/>eiturn kind"parents ="round">
    . To conclude aptly – 'There’s An Alien At Christmas' shelters under its charming storyline facets of early learning that fits into multiple landscapes: from holidays-focused classroom conversations & individual personal growth readings to essential digital learning formats. A truly encompassing tool for educators striving to make learning not just information-based, but also relatable and enjoyable.

What's Included

28 pages

Resource Tags

character buildingholiday spiritcultural experiencesinclusivityearly learning

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