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There's An Alien At The Nativity Play (3-7 years)

There's An Alien At The Nativity Play (3-7 years)
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About This Product

Title: There's An Alien At The Nativity Play (3-7 years)

For educators looking for a fun, relatable and inclusive resource for the holiday season, There's an Alien At The Nativity Play is an excellent pick. This resource covers a span of 42 engaging pages designed especially for early learners, preschoolers, kindergarteners and students in grades 1 and 2. As an educator or homeschooler teaching these student groups, this PDF file provides convenient access to a story that compels thought as well as learning about different holidays.

The premise of the story revolves around Dan's Christmas school play preparing to be observed by Zoggy, a small alien visiting Earth. Unfamiliar with our climates and customs, adventurous Zoggy has quite the journey venturing through snow and arriving late without any available seating.

Classroom Use

This versatile teaching resource can be used to stimulate group discussions during classroom time where children can share their ideas on how they'd feel stepping into circumstances unfamiliar to them like Zoggy. For smaller groups or even individual lessons - each student could practise their reading skills aloud while others listen attentively about Zoggy's encounters with common emotions like fear or anxiety before offering feedback.

Creative Learning

Integrating 'There's an Alien at The Nativity Play' into your lesson plans nurtures creativity within young learners as they begin to understand more complex sentiments like acceptance and inclusiveness presented throughout the tale of Zoggy the alien. Encouraging children’s understanding from age 3 up until age 7 presents the notion that it is alright to acknowledge these feelings further accessing mentorship on managing such emotions effectively.

  • Teachers may also make creative use of this resource for homework assignments - perhaps asking students what adventures they would take if they were in place of Dan’s space visitor friend themselves!
  • Delivered in stages it paves a flexible route open to various methods suiting whichever way you see fit to best implement into your educational curriculum.

Aimed not just to entertain, but also teach kids invaluable lessons in understanding their feelings and accepting one-off entities like our beloved Zoggy!

What's Included

42 pages

Resource Tags

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