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There's An Awkward Alien At The Party (3-7 years)

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About This Product

There's An Awkward Alien At The Party (3-7 years)

"There's An Awkward Alien At The Party" is a resource developed for the early education spectrum covering preschool, kindergarten, and first & second grade. Provided as a PDF file, this tool employs story-telling to deliver important life lessons to children aged 3 to 7.

Main Character: Zoggy

The central character is an adorable alien named Zoggy who introduces kids to concepts such as diversity and inclusion. Zoggy helps children understand how to manage fear and anxiety by navigating through various Earthly experiences.

  • The narratives subtly offer practical solutions.
  • Making the material not just interactive but also deeply engaging for young kids.

Educational Implementation

This resource can be utilized in multiple educational settings such as:

  1. Whole-group story times
  2. Small-group reading sessions
  3. -Extended use as a homework assignment encourages parental involvement-

Central Theme: Managing Social Anxieties

The main theme of the resource lies in building confidence amongst young ones while they learn how to deal with social anxieties. This theme extends towards elements of psychological well-being too. For example, going through situations where Zoggy attends his first birthday party on Earth or makes unintentional errors in unfamiliar social situations.

Dan and Megan are fellow characters that aid Zoggy throughout his journey on earth. In Conclusion, educators seeking teaching aids that focus on language arts with emphasis on improving reading skills will find "There’s An Awkward Alien At The Party" to be a well-suited resource. This tool goes beyond academics by including components of emotional intelligence and moral values.

What's Included

42 pages

Resource Tags

Diversity Inclusion Social Anxiety Self-Confidence Emotional Intelligence

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