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There's An Impatient Alien At The Fair (3-7 years)

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About This Product

There's An Impatient Alien At The Fair (3-7 years)

This is a wonderfully engaging, digital teaching resource curated to match the unique learning interests of young minds. This story, targeted at kids aged three to seven, teaches indispensable life lessons while leaving an indelible impression on their psyche.

A perfect blend of technology and education; this resource is shared via Google Classroom and can be accessed on interactive whiteboards. It enables hassle-free access eliminating the need for downloads or any such complicated procedures – a definitive boon for distance learning enthusiasts!

About The Story:

The narrative centers around Zoggy - an energetic yet impatient alien visiting Earth who joins his friend Dan at a funfair. Key themes like impatience, friendship dynamics, empathy towards others and persistence in adversity are highlighted throughout the story.

  • Talking points within this plot pave way for meaningful classroom interactions invigorating students' socio-emotional development during group activities as well as during individual discourse.
  • For early learners and preschoolers, this tool emphasizes communication skills enhancing their reading as well as listening proficiency while also facilitating vocabulary construction aiding smoother transition into kindergarten readiness providing solid foundations for 1st-2nd graders leading them step by step towards reading proficiency systematically reinforcing inherent language skills progressing them impressively academically.

Zoggy The Alien Series:

This story is part of ‘Zoggy the Alien’, series subtly introducing inclusivity through non-human characters grappling with similar socio-emotional issues just like humans. Teachers can thus effortlessly integrate diversity awareness consistently in their teaching methodology by regularly including empathy thereby positively molding young hearts and tender minds transforming perception laying foundation for building inclusive societies enriched with acceptance.


For those seeking teaching materials beyond traditional textbooks, consider adding ‘There's An Impatient Alien At The Fair’ to your resource repertoire. More than just a story - it's an educational tool with multifarious positive impacts, often unacknowledged. A reinforcement of values pivotal to personality development subtly transcending textbook limitations uniquely dovetailing fun and learning effectively.

What's Included

32 pages

Resource Tags

impatience friendship dynamics social-emotional growth language arts inclusivity

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