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There’s An Over-Excited Alien At The Soft Play (3-7 years)

There’s An Over-Excited Alien At The Soft Play (3-7 years)
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About This Product

There’s An Over-Excited Alien At The Soft Play (3-7 years)

An engaging digital storybook resource, dedicated specifically for educators and ideal for children aged between 3 to 7. This unique narrative promotes values like patience, politeness and acknowledgment of mistakes.

Zoggy's Adventure

The story involves the character Zoggy, an alien who learns about patience and apologies in a soft-play place. The larger part of the narrative focuses on this pivotal encounter with Jasper - an event that teaches both characters the significance of saying sorry.

Digital Format

This digital book is offered in PDF format to easily incorporate into your Google Drive resources. It is equally effective in public school or homeschool curriculums. It offers flexibility based on educator's delivery methods

  • Narrating it as a whole group story during class time
  • Assigning it as homework reading material
  • Fits well with remote learning by sharing through Google Classroom or display on interactive whiteboards
Educational Benefits

The book is designed not only to develop language arts skills but also nurture early reading interest among preschoolers up until second graders.

  1. Inspires insightful discussions about real-world situations among students, helps them explore emotional lessons such as understanding fear and anxiety, promoting inclusiveness amidst peers alongside imbibing societal values.

  2. Nurture early reading interests through its novel storyline featuring educational layers wrapped around Zoggy's adventures - our endearing role model to young learners.

Mission Spelling Zero

From the same creators comes 'Mission Spelling Zero,' a favorite amongst adherents of phonics reading and spelling techniques featuring the friendly alien character Zoggy. This series carries forward the fun-filled learning process with more interactive games and writing practice opportunities for children, offering them compelling toolkits to aid in honing language art skills.

To Conclude,
Using this unique teaching resource allows students to accompany Zoggy in his ventures; imbibing important life lessons alongside enriching their language arts proficiency.

What's Included

46 pages

Resource Tags

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