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There’s A Naughty Alien At The Zoo (3-7 years)

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About This Product

There’s A Naughty Alien At The Zoo (3-7 years)

An engaging teaching resource designed for fostering critical thinking and conversation about obeying rules in young learners.

About the Story:

This dynamic tale centers around Zoggy, a charming alien who goes on an adventure at the zoo but ends up learning a crucial lesson about safety and respect for authority.


The story is flexible and can be incorporated into various educational settings. It aids in encouraging lively discussions around real-life situations, their implications, and can also be utilized as a homework assignment to foster meaningful parent-child dialogues.

Pertinent Learning Group:

  • Targeted towards students aged 3-7 years studying Language Arts
  • Focused on Pre-Reading skills enhancement
  • Sits well with Early Learning grades, all the way from Preschool to Grade 2
Creative Execution:

The simplistic storytelling enriched with vibrant illustrations aids in presenting complex concepts like inclusivity and dealing with negative emotions.

Zoggy's Adventures & Lessons Learned:

Zoggy's quirky adventures shed light not just on practical wisdom but also delve into emotions like fear, anxiety against the common backdrop of Earthly life—an inclusive approach that connects well with youngsters across developmental stages. All along his fun expeditions at the zoo lie essential lessons that satiate kids' intellectual curiosity while subtly imbibing lasting insights about acceptance.

A Hassle-Free Product:

The resource comes in an easily accessible PDF format which ensures effortless usage regardless of different technology or software differences across institutions or homes alike.

In Conclusion:

There's A Naughty Alien At The Zoo acts as more than mere instructional content. It is a tool employed by educators to navigate through challenging times while maintaining continued engagement amongst pupils using intuitive methods incorporated into daily curriculum routines.

What's Included

42 pages

Resource Tags

Naughty Alien Zoo Adventure Critical Thinking Obeying Rules Interactive Learning

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