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There’s An Unknown Alien In The Hospital (3-7 years)

There’s An Unknown Alien In The Hospital (3-7 years)
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About This Product

Looking for a delightful children's story that encourages conversations with young learners aged 3-7 years on essential themes such as health, inclusivity, and embracing diversity? Look no further! Meet Zoggy the Alien, an endearing character from another planet as he adapts to life on Earth, facing challenges like fear and anxiety while learning valuable lessons.

In this enchanting tale called "There's an Unknown Alien in the Hospital," Zoggy visits an Earth gym but finds it difficult to fit in. After his computer fails him and he unintentionally falls asleep, confused hospital staff grow uneasy about having him around. Spanning 38 pages of heartfelt storytelling, you'll witness Zoggy finding acceptance through strong friendships with warm-hearted individuals like Dan who help him feel secure during tough times.

The charming "Zoggy the Alien" series from Guinea Pig Education is packed with life-affirming teachings that reflect our ever-evolving world of diverse cultures and connections. Young readers will develop empathy through relating to Zoggy's experiences in unfamiliar surroundings.

Elevate your digital educational resources repertoire by including this must-read book that combines engaging storytelling with thought-provoking discussions for young minds!

What's Included

38 pages

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