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Tips For Hosting A Great Play Date, Social Skills Story

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About This Product

Tips for Hosting a Great Play Date, Social Skills Story

An innovative teaching resource perfect for educators focusing on children's social skill development. This guide offers support and enhancement for children who may find navigating playdates challenging.

Social skills stories offer a proven method of teaching critical social nuances to young learners. It is especially beneficial to those struggling with specific situations such as managing successful playdates. The tips provided meticulously break down the information into small, manageable steps.

Key Features:

  • Explains the DOs and DON'Ts of hosting a fun-filled play date
  • Offers effective suggestions parents can employ seamlessly in their child's learning regimen
  • Optimized learning experiences when read before and after your child engages in play dates
  • Detailed Do's and Don'ts that can be read, discussed, and role-played during school hours enhancing comprehension further.

The package includes:

  1. A Social Skills Story featuring three diverse cover options - 'Two Boys', 'Two Girls',and 'Boy and Girl'

    . (Note: Read this story before and after your child engages in playdates.)
    . (Including explanations):.
    . * A page dedicated to elucidating Play Date Do's * A page outlining Play Date Don'ts No Number
  2. Helpful Suggestion For Parents.. No Number
  3. A bonus one-page PlayDate Planning Sheet.

      Designed for kindergarten through fifth-grade educators working with special resources or life skills subjects, this PDF worksheet-type resource is extremely useful. It can be used in whole group activities or smaller sessions catering directly to pupils' unique needs.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 17 Pages

✔️ Social Skills Story {Including 3 Cover Options: Two Boys, Two Girls, Boy and Girl}

✔️ 1 Page of Play Date "Do's"

✔️ 1 Page of Play Date "Don'ts"

✔️ Suggestions For Parents

✔️ Play Date Planning Sheet

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