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Toothbrushing Routine, Picture Board and Checklist

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About This Product

The Toothbrushing Routine Picture Board and Checklist: A Teaching Resource

This multi-purpose resource seamlessly blends practicality and fun to empower primary students with crucial personal hygiene habits. This tool is perfect for early learning, kindergarten, preschool, or grade 1 educators.

Who is it for?

Every child learns differently. This toothbrushing routine tool uses images paired with words in an uncomplicated step-by-step routine that all pupils can easily understand.

What does it contain?
  • A boy brushing his teeth checklist
  • A girl brushing her teeth checklist

The picture board depicts a universal scenario irrespective of gender differences and encourages independent personal care.

Where can it be used?

This accessible teaching asset not only applies to school environments but also adds value to homeschooling resources or supplemental materials at home. Its applications are numerous:

  1. In group activities as shared routines
  2. In smaller groups as individual tasks
  3. At home to encourage consistent practice beyond the classroom
Ease of use:

To use this engaging teaching aid, simply add the child's/student's name at the top then laminate and hang in a convenient location like bathrooms encouraging hygiene lessons learned are put into daily practice easily!

About the file format:

The resource downloadable is available in easy-to-use PDF format, ensuring straightforward downloads without compromising on content quality. It stands out as an incredibly effective means of delivering meaningful education through experiential learning rather than just traditional textbook learning!

What's Included

Included Please Find:

1 Checklist with a picture of a boy brushing

1 Checklist with a picture of a girl brushing

Resource Tags

toothbrushing routine personal hygiene teaching resource checklist interactive tool brushing teeth checklist

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