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Tumblr Ask a Question Template (Editable on Google Slides)

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Social Skills

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About This Product

The Tumblr Ask a Question Template

Editable on Google Slides, this engaging teaching tool enhances classroom participation and creativity. Crafted on the principles of modern technology and student engagement, it captivates attention using the allure of social media.

Integration and Usage

By seamlessly integrating this educational resource into your curriculum, you can use real-world platforms such as Tumblr to spark discourse within your class. Students add texts and pictures onto a preset template, creating a worry-free digital space for free expression.

Versatile Templates

  • Pre-set templates with writing lines
  • Blank formats for open ended questions
These cater to various pedagogical requirements offering flexible functionality. They conveniently tailor lessons across multiple subjects under one platform.
Pedagogical Applications:
  1. Literature: Open forum discussions on characters or settings from novels.
  2. History: Research on iconic figures from past eras through interactive presentations.
  3. Geography: Detailed information about certain locales around the world using text-based facts with relevant imagery. Presentation of experimental findings ensuring paced learning during project-based tasks. /The

What's Included

Tumblr Template

Resource Tags

interactive learning student engagement social media integration customizable template classroom participation

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