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Understanding Emotions, Floor Game and Table-Top Game

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Understanding Emotions, Floor Game and Table-Top Game

Understanding Emotions, Floor Game and Table-Top Game is a dynamic teaching resource designed to help children recognize and articulate their emotions effectively. This interactive game becomes invaluable for educators working with students who are at the early stages of emotional development in Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.

The main objective of this product is to assist students in identifying different feelings—a critical first step towards efficient emotional management. Expressing personal sentiments properly can significantly improve academic success and lead to healthier social relationships later on.

Two Gameplay Styles: Floor & Table-Top

  • Floor Version: Offers an active learning experience that encourages movement as a part of cognitive development. Teachers place emotion cards on the floor while reading out prompts like "your pet has had puppies", prompting pupils to move towards cards that best depict their reactions. Discussions about differing emotions among peers foster empathy.
  • The Table-top Version: Suitable for small group activities or settings with limited spaces/time. Similar gameplay dynamics encourage expression through moving pieces onto cards instead of physical student movement—an empathetic approach towards learners who may find unrestricted mobility challenging.

In addition to these two versions come separate color and black & white sets of emotion cards—16 each—for flexibility according their classroom resources availability or preference.

Bonus Resources

This resource comes along with detailed instructions accompanied by an invitation to The Teacher's Lounge for access to weekly Social Skills Resources—a boon for Life Skills education-focused teachers seeking more resources!

Crafted into worksheets format across 42 discrete prompts (including editable prompt cards), emotions can be explored under diverse circumstances—which proves especially important when dealing with younger grades where sentiments fluctuate rapidly.


In summary, the Understanding Emotions Floor & Table Top Game brings educators an advanced approach towards teaching emotional literacy—eliminating the stigma around feeling certain ways while simultaneously building lifelong skills - being socially and emotionally aware.

Provided as a downloadable PDF file, this teaching resource will make a meaningful addition to any curriculum striving to shape well-rounded individuals by promoting emotional strength and intelligence from the start.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 60 Pages

16 Full Page Emotions Game Cards~ Color Version {For Floor Game}

16 Full Page Emotions Game Cards~ Black & White Version {For Floor Game}

16 Small Emotions Game Cards~ Color Version {For Table Top Game}

16 Small Emotions Game Cards~ Black & White Version {For Table Top Game}

42 Game Prompts

1 Page Of EDITABLE Game Prompt Cards

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