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Unit Rate Digital Self-Checking Digital Activity

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Grade 6, 7



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About This Product

Unit Rate Digital Self-Checking Digital Activity

This is a math resource specifically designed to make the learning of unit rate calculations interactive and captivating for middle school students. Providing a unique change from typical textbook exercises, this tool utilizes self-checking, mystery picture reveal activities on Google Sheets to engage learners.

An Exciting Learning Approach

The standout feature in this digital tool is an engaging game-like approach. For every correct answer inputted in the answer cell, a part of an enticing mystery image gets revealed—the correctness of an answer being indicated by the cell color turning green post-answer submission. In contrast, if the solution is incorrect (the cell turns red), no new part of the picture will be displayed.

Procedural and Conceptual Learning

This activity targets both procedural and conceptual aspects of solving unit rate problems hence enhancing comprehension while creating opportunities for independent or group work.

Versatile Application

  • As focused morning tasks or homework assignments.
  • Can be used as exit ticket assessments after lessons.
  • Serves as a reteaching/review tool that reveals students' understanding levels.
      Included Features
      Please note: The product includes following:
      1. A total of 12 pre-loaded unit rate problems within Google Sheets which boosts time efficiency for educators by eliminating corrections while maintaining student interest through high-engaging activities with no additional grading hassles afterwards.
      2. The Student Recording Sheet encourages critical thinking habits among learners beyond just providing answers instantly by enabling students to showcase their problem-solving process prior to showing their eventual solutions.
      3. A bundled-up Teacher Answer Key is also included easing teacher's preparatory efforts substantially through provision of parallel guidelines for each problem respectively.

      Easy Navigation

      This digital activity has been designed for optimal use over Google Classroom or similar Learning Management Systems. It's ready-to-go, ensuring minimum technology-related hassles and seamless methodology progression!

    What's Included

    ➡️ Here's what’s included:

    12 Unit Rate Problems in Google Sheets to save you time correcting

    Student Recording Sheet so that students show their process

    Teacher Answer Key to save you time

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