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Rate, Unit Rate, and Unit Price Digital Self-Checking Activity

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Grade 6, 7



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About This Product

Product Title: Rate, Unit Rate, and Unit Price Digital Self-Checking Activity

Designed for educators in public schools or homeschooling environments, the Rate, Unit Rate, and Unit Price Digital Self-Checking Activity is an exciting resource that promotes student engagement while learning math. Ideal for sixth and seventh graders studying Math specifically fractions - this product deploys technology to facilitate self-paced learning and instant feedback.

The core premise of this teaching resource involves students attempting to answer math questions intended to deepen their understanding of rate calculations. Designed as a digital lottery ticket - Little Lucky Lottery - students are encouraged to scratch off parts of it by answering the question correctly. The mystery aspect strengthens their curiosity - their efforts gradually reveal if they have a winning card or not.

The product allows students to take these problems in any order they prefer; the answers can be written out on whiteboards or scratch paper before being submitted into specified cells in the digital format. If an answer is correct, it triggers an automatic cue—a horseshoe symbol—while incorrect answers turn red indicating that revisions are necessary.

The flexibility offered by this method offers opportunities for its diversified applications; homework assignments, distance learning modules, quick comprehension checks at lesson beginnings (bell ringers), lesson-end summaries (exit tickets), warm-up drills before main activities—the scope is broad!

  • Skip tedious preparatory work—once added to Google Drive—it’s ready-to-go!
  • Easily assign tasks via Google Classroom or other Learning Management System effortlessly!

This product can be especially helpful for teachers who value comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts alongside procedural accuracy; where practice doesn't merely involve replication but cultivates deeper conceptual grounding too.

What's included?:

  • 20 creative problem-solving scenarios centered around rates.
  • Clear instructions aimed at both teachers and students.
  • A key-aide including step-wise solutions for every exercise, making it a complete teaching kit.

This resource is not just an eco-friendly pick but also caters to the demands of 21st-century learners and educators.

Note: This teaching resource subscription is subject to copyright laws by Digitally Yours Shop.

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

20 rate, unit rate, and unit price questions in a Google Sheet

Student Recording Sheet

Teacher Answer Key

Teacher & Student Instructions

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