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Unwind Your Mind SEL Activity Mats

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

In this product, you will receive 10 unique Unwind Your Mind SEL activity mats. These are wonderful for SEL follow-up activities, morning work, brain breaks, school counseling handouts, etc. There are 4 seasonal activity mats; fall, winter, spring, and summer. There are 2 partner-focused mats so students can connect, build friendships, and create a safe classroom community. There are 4 mats for any day of the year! Students from upper elementary through middle school will enjoy these mats. (Even adults and high schoolers would like to do some of these!) On the mats, there is mindfulness coloring/zentangle coloring, mazes, word search, reflections, SEL prompts, and more. For example on one of the mats, there is a mindfulness coloring of an anchor with the prompt to encourage students to think about what grounds them as they color. There is also a squiggle and students are encouraged to create their own unique design from it. There is also a heart maze, a triangle breath image, and an image of a turtle to encourage students to think of what brings them strength. On another mat, there is a line of different emojis and they are asked to circle how they feel in that moment. There is also a mindfulness coloring of a hot air balloon and the prompt is for them to imagine all of their worries are in the basket and as they color, they are asked to think of their worries floating away. On that same mat, there is a rainbow breath exercise and an image of a brick wall with the prompt for students to write in the bricks what gives them a solid foundation; their values, strengths, and purposes in life. Each mat is unique but offers opportunities for students to take a moment to relax, get their minds off their daily stress, and have fun. It is best to print these on legal-size paper so images and text are a good size with plenty of room for students to write and draw.

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