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Valentine Bakery Math Task Cards

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About This Product

Valentine Bakery Math Task Cards - Exciting Learning for Grade 3 and Grade 4 Students

Valentine Bakery Math Task Cards work to make learning math inspired and fulfilling for grade 3 and grade 4 students. This resource focuses on stimulating young learners to understand addition, subtraction, and money-handling skills in an interesting way while immersed in a whimsical bakery setting.

The Offerings:

  • The bundle comes with 20 different task cards that touch upon various learning topics through charming bakery scenarios.
  • Students get to engage in problems concerned with calculating the total cost of toothsome bakery orders, figuring out change for purchases, deciding what treats they can afford with a certain amount of money, and solving word problems.
Broad Application:

The resource can be used as part of whole-group instruction or smaller group work during academic time. It is also suitable as homework or in individual study sessions. Moreover, it combines holiday fun with curriculum-based content effortlessly.

Colorful Versatility:

The packs are available both as colorful prints that electrify visual learners and printer-friendly black & white versions containing the same enriching content.

Detailed Inclusion:
  • Apart from this, the unit includes an 'Answer Recording Sheet' enabling easy monitoring of a student's progress.
  • An 'Answer Key' also accompanies each worksheet delivering clear grading guidance.
  • All these features are tastefully packaged into a convenient PDF file format allowing instant access for educators.


In short, Valentine Bakery Math Task Cards are not just a collection of worksheets. They represent an educational tool delightfully designed with holiday math endeavors based on real-world scenarios. The result is an exciting journey to master math skills that teachers and students can equally enjoy.

What's Included

Bakery Menu

20 Task Cards (color and b&w)

Answer Recording Sheet

Answer Key

Resource Tags

Valentine Bakery Math Task Cards Word Problems

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