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Visual Schedules For Counseling | Individual and Small Group Routines

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About This Product

Minimize the frustration and outbursts of the unexpected in your sessions! This visual picture schedule will help your young students understand what to expect during your counseling sessions or classroom lessons. These visual schedule cards offer such variety to the way that you use them, and are perfect for younger students or students with autism! 

This visual schedule for counseling includes 24 different counseling topics, “Focus of the Day” card, “Plan for the Day” card, 29 activity cards, 5 blank tags, and smaller square versions of the schedule cards to use for individual visual schedules! 

You can post these cards in your classroom in a vertical row, or you can create individual file folder schedules for small groups or individual sessions! 

Counseling Topics Include: 

⭐Coping Skills



⭐Expected Behaviors

⭐Size of the Problem

⭐Body Feelings



⭐Growth Mindset

⭐Including Others

⭐Self Control

⭐Anxiety and Worry



⭐Flexible Thinking


⭐Conflict Resolution

⭐Personal Safety



⭐Goal Setting

⭐Perspective Taking

⭐Following Directions


Activity Cards Include:







❤️Time Outside


❤️Group Work

❤️Independent Work


❤️Breathing Exercises


❤️Movement Break

❤️Play Break

❤️Sensory Break

❤️Check In



❤️Mindfulness Break

❤️Partner Work


❤️Art Activity

❤️All Done






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