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Was King Tut Murdered?

Was King Tut Murdered?
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

IF COMING UP WITH an interesting way to teach your 6-8 graders about ancient history is difficult for you, then  Was King Tut Murdered? Web Quest, Trial & Persuasive Writing project is what ou need. It is a set of hands on activities for your collaborative groups that is enticing, challenging and fun. When you see your kids being actively engaged and truly enjoying their experience, it will help you to once again discover a joy of learning with them.

DON’T YOU JUST LOVE a mystery? My students do, they especially enjoyed being detectives and searching for clues surrounding this famous pharaoh’s death. Since so many kids love to role play, this resource allows them to do just that. They begin by selecting a job they’re interested in, such as medical examiner, archaeologist, reporter, sketch artist, history professor and historian and work as a team to decide if King Tut was murdered or not.

AFTER they’ve done their web quest and have come up with some suspects, they have the opportunity to become judge, jury, defendants, prosecutors, defense attorneys and witnesses in a mock trial.

IF YOU’RE THINKING, how am I going to evaluate this activity? I’ve got you covered. There’s a pre/post test, persuasive writing activity, and various grading rubrics.

INSTEAD OF JUST LECTURING, reading a text, writing definitions, and answering questions, which will turn them off, it’s SOOO BORING, they’ll have a good grasp of what they’re studying because they’ll be active rather than passive learners. Each activity includes a written assignment that students are required to complete on their own. So if you also teach ELA, this can be used as an Ancient History as well as a Language Arts grade.

WE ALL KNOW THAT KIDS forget what they’ve been taught soon after they’ve had their test. I’m positive these hands on activities will leave a lasting impression and be something they'll remember even after they’ve left your classroom.

⎈ WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY about project based learning:⎈

⎈ PBL is an effective and enjoyable way to learn and gain better learning competencies required to be successful in school and life.

⎈ Many kids find education boring and meaningless, with PBL, they’re engaged and active rather than passive learners.

⎈ Common Core and other educational standards emphasize real world applications of knowledge and skills that help promote problem solving. 

⎈PBL helps students better understand the content and retain it longer than the traditional approach.

⎈ Collaborating with others helps build character.

➫ Was King Tut Murdered? Web Quest, Trial & Persuasive Writing☺

☺ Introduction & Objectives

☺ Web Quest & Trial Lesson Plans

☺ Group Roles 

☺ Court Room Photograph

☺ Diagram of Court Room

☺ Student Notes for Web Quest

☺ Web Links for Students to Use

☺ Student Instructions

☺ Terms to Define for Trial

☺ Student Expectations during Trial

☺ Note sheets for Jury, Prosecutors, Defense Lawyers

☺ Persuasive Graphic Organizers

☺ Rough Draft Worksheets

☺ Final Draft Papers

☺ Pre & Post Tests

☺ Answer sheets for Tests

☺ Grading Rubrics for Persuasive Writing, Jury, Judge, Bailiff,

Suspects, Lawyers, Medical Examiners, Archaeologists, Reporters,

Sketch Artists, History Professors, Historians

☺ Resources Used

☺ Contact Information

I REMEMBER sitting in history class, as a student, and being bored out of my mind. The teacher just lectured and all I could do was look at the clock and wish that I was some place else ANYPLACE else! Needless to say I learned very little that year. I only began liking ancient history after I became a 6th grade teacher, years later, and vowed that I would make it come alive for my children. I didn't want them to go through what I did.  That negative experience gave me the impetus to use PBL learning in most of my teaching and I’m so glad I did.

⎈THIS RESOURCE can be used for⎈

⎈ Gifted students

⎈ Middle school

⎈ World History classes/ELA classes

☼ Lighting the path to knowledge with enticing and exciting activities that they'll remember long after they've left your classroom ☼

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