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Watercolor Dot and Splash Doodle Art Drawing Prompts

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About This Product

These 14 colorful watercolor dots and splashes drawing prompts are a fun and unique way to introduce your learners to drawing, creativity, and problem solving skills. Learners will use the watercolor image and create a unique picture with it. This is an open ended drawing resource that will allow your learners to complete this activity without much restriction, which will allow them to be free to create, explore their imagination, and share it visually. For more creative ideas, visit Doodle Thinks website.

What are the benefits of drawing and doodling? There are many benefits to drawing and doodling such as improve concentration, focus and memory, a tool for relaxation and calm (use during morning time or for brain breaks), igniting creativity and confidence, pencil grip practice for younger artists, and practicing the skill to convey ideas and images visually.

Included in this download:

14 Colorful Watercolor Dots and Splashes Drawing Prompts.

1 Instruction and Tips Page.

For Personal and Educational Use Only.

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There are many ways to use this resource such as during morning work, brain breaks, homeschool art, independent work, just for fun and so much more! Also, as a group activity, encourage your learners to share their final drawings and give positive feedback to one another. Have fun and happy drawing!

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