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Summer Self Care Brochure, SEL Summer Activity

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About This Product

Summer Self Care Brochure: An SEL Summer Activity

The Summer Self Care Brochure is a valuable resource for Social Emotional Learning (SEL), enhancing students' understanding of self-care, appreciation, and gratitude, particularly during the summer break. This project tool fits into subjects like Social Skills and Life Skills and can be adapted for use in either classroom or therapy settings.

Main Features:
  • Mindful coloring: An interactive activity allowing students to experiment with different colors deliberately.
  • Positive affirmations: Students imbibe positivity through repetition of these affirmations.
  • Goal-setting exercises: Students are guided towards planning a fulfilling summer.
  • Mindfulness routines: Aid in deepening an understanding of mental processes amongst pupils.
  • Breathing techniques: Techniques that aid stress management are covered here.

The Mini Self-Care Plan

Included in this brochure is also mini self-care plan outlining important aspects such as physical care, emotional care, and maintaining healthy relationships during the summer holidays which encourages overall pupil wellbeing during this period.

This resource can be used in whole group class or therapy sessions as well as with smaller study groups for more focused learning outcomes. For example - sections from this resource could be used on one-on-one sessions to explore understanding emotions or coping mechanisms. This material conveniently comes in both color or black-and-white versions so it can adapt to your specific needs while maintaining its quality. Furthermore it's downloadable as a simple PDF. Ideal for quick lessons or teaching on-the-go! Elementarily put, it fosters wellness among your learners across different educational contexts whilst encouraging reflection skills.

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