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What Should Lily Do? A Choose Their Fate Boom Card Deck With Audio

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

What Should Lily Do? A Choose Their Fate Boom Card Deck With Audio

What Should Lily Do?, is an innovative teaching resource, encapsulated as an audio enriched interactive boom card. This tool supports Social Emotional Learning (SEL), largely concentrating on peer relations and group friendships.

The story is centered around 'Lilly', a character navigating through various social scenarios related to the theme. Students are indulged in decision-making processes for Lilly, simultaneously learning about responsible behavior and advocating oneself and others.

  • Students can comprehend diverse consequences of different actions by revisiting the stories multiple times, helping them ponder upon alternate responses.
  • The adaptability of this resource across different grade levels makes it universal; right from freshers just introduced to social interactions up till third graders perfecting their strategies to overcome peer pressure constructively.
  • This deck is a dynamic blend of collective learning tool in classrooms or fostering inclusive discussions within smaller groups.

All resources within this package provide precise audio instructions promoting student independence while maintaining interaction levels- thereby proving helpful during homework sessions or virtual classroom applications as part of distance learning platforms.

User accessibility has been enhanced via downloadable versions available on Android, iPhones/iPads along with modern-day browsers through internet connectivity, extending its usability across varying devices- reinforcing value beyond traditional school devices into personal gadgets for home or travel usage.

Additional Features:

  1. 'Fast pins' for quick self-reporting by students are included ensuring seamless interaction & feedback process.
  2. Tailored insights into individual student performances via reporting options for educators choosing premium account services - facilitating personalized remedial approaches effortlessly.
In essence - 'What Should Lily Do?' serves as beneficial assistance in cultivating social acumen skills among students while ensuring the experience remains fun, engaging and interactive.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image.

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social-emotional learning peer relations responsible behavior decision-making interactive

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