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What Should Katie Do? Choose Their Own Fate SEL Boom Cards! (With Audio)

What Should Katie Do?  Choose Their Own Fate SEL Boom Cards! (With Audio)
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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Product Introduction

What Should Katie Do? Choose Their Own Fate SEL Boom Cards! (With Audio) is a meticulously crafted teaching resource designed to stimulate Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) among students. This interactive platform featuring 41 individually illustrated cards allows students to guide a character named Katie's life decisions.

Key Features

  • An interactive decision-making tool that navigates the character, Katie through her school day.
  • Suitable for learners between kindergarten and grade three.
  • Covers variegated scenarios like honesty, friendships dynamics, feelings of exclusion and responsibility.
  • A direct cause-and-effect feature highlighting the consequences of chosen actions.
  • All cards come with read aloud audio content– entirely eliminating need for reading skills on learner's part.

Diverse Application Scenarios

This product can be applied in whole group instruction or smaller groups or even used as individual homework assignments – demonstrating its flexibility across multiple settings.

Browsing Requirements

To access these SEL cards requires an internet connection coupled with modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. Android tablets/phones are also compatible for mobile users' convenience. This product further provides Fast Pins that enable instant feedback on student progress promoting self-assessment at every step. The product fosters comprehensive life skill comprehension among young mind serving as an essential tool for early education educators around the globe.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image.

Resource Tags

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