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White Light, Dispersion and Colour Filters Dominoes Game for Middle School

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

The White Light, Dispersion and Colour Filters Dominoes Game for Middle School

The White Light, Dispersion and Colour Filters Dominoes Game for Middle School is an innovative teaching resource designed to enhance student understanding of complex scientific concepts. This enjoyable and engaging tool focuses on aiding middle school students (Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, and Grade 9) in mastering the foundational concepts related to the dispersion of light.

Instead of traditional numbers or dots, these dominoes feature statements and questions on key topics such as white light dispersion, the order of colours in the spectrum and how colour filters operate.

  • Prior knowledge needed to grasp this game includes awareness about primary (red, green,blue) and secondary colours (magenta cyan & yellow )of light.
  • Likewise knowing that any two primary colours when mixed give a secondary colour strengthens the comprehension further.
  • If all three primaries are mixed it gives white light.

Cleverly integrating symbols or descriptions within sketches or circuit diagrams prompts playful matches during domino play sessions; thereby ushering in visual learning. The game also trains learners' observational skills by instilling that any object only reflects its own collinear while absorbing all other types.

About Resource Content:

The resource contains ninety dominos along with an animated PowerPoint presentation detailing gameplay rules ensuring teachers can quickly grasp this new pedagogical concept for their science classes.

  • In gameplay, if players spot a wrong match, they have the opportunity to challenge it promoting critical thinking.
  • This product creatively bridges learning gaps by turning typical class assignments into interactive group activities thereby making physics more approachable.


One could use this versatile tool individually for homework assignments as well as collectively within small specific learning groups inside classrooms catalyzing collaborative learning. They come in multiple file types providing ease across different digital formats ensuring convenience at every step.

In conclusion, educators seeking fresh perspectives towards theoretical physics teachings would appreciate the White Light, Dispersion and Colour Filters Dominoes Game as it leads the way through scientific exploration in a non-traditional yet profoundly impactful manner.

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