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White Light, Dispersion and Color Filters Distance Learning and Homeschool for Middle School

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

White Light, Dispersion and Color Filters Distance Learning Resource

This resource is a thorough yet captivating teaching tool on the subjects of white light, color dispersion, and color filters aimed for middle school students from grades 5 to 9. It delves into appealing scientific concepts such as:

  • The order of colors in light spectrum dispersion.
  • Principles of refraction for various colors of light through glass.
  • Understanding primary and secondary light colors.
  • How colored objects interact with different colors of light.

The versatility of this teaching resource is apparent as it can be employed in diverse settings: individualized distance learning sessions, homeschooling environments or traditional classroom situations. Its features such as exit ticket quizzes after every topic ensure active participation leading to better knowledge assimilation among pupils.

Resource Contents-
    Included within this bundle are over fourteen printable resources:

    • An animated PowerPoint presentation: This contains vital visual aids that make lessons interactive.

Suggested Lesson Plan?- A detailed lesson plan suggestion outlines multiple options between resources. This allows for customization of lessons to suit learner abilities and timetables ensuring optimal use of this powerful learning tool in a range of teaching scenarios.

This resource can be easily employed by teachers regardless of their technical prowess. As such, it stands as a surefire way to instill an enduring interest in science amongst middle-grade learners.

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