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White Light, Dispersion and Colour Filters - Fully Resourced Lesson for Middle School

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

A comprehensive and enjoyable fully resourced lesson on white light, dispersion and color filters.


What’s Covered

> The order of the seven colours of the spectrum

> Dispersion is the separation of white light into the seven different colors of the spectrum.

> During dispersion, red light is refracted the least and violet light the most.

> Dispersion is caused by the fact that each colour of light travels at a different speed in glass.

> Red, green and blue are primary light colors.

> Magenta, cyan and yellow are secondary light colors.

> Mixing two primary light colours gives a secondary light color.

> Mixing the three primary light colors gives white light.

> An object only reflects light the same color as itself and absorbs all the others

> Work out the color an object appears in different light color



What’s Included

> Animated PowerPoint for teaching with exit ticket quiz

> Flip it (pupil writes questions to given answers)

> Anticipation Guides (combined starter and plenary)

> Foldable

> Cut and stick activity.

> Worksheet (x4) to support the PowerPoint

> Fact sheet

> Homework

> Fact share worksheet

> Pupil progress self-assessment checklist

> Exit Ticket

> Suggested lesson plan showing choices possible between resources


This pack contains fourteen printable resources as it is intended that the teacher uses them to build their own unique lesson to take account of student ability and time available. Literacy, oracy, self-assessment and peer assessment are all built in to the resources. These features are clearly marked on the comprehensive one-page flow chart lesson plan which shows where the logical choices between resources can be made.


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What's Included

1 Zip file

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