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White Light, Dispersion and Colour Filters Wildcard and Snap Card Games for Middle School

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Product Overview

The White Light, Dispersion and Colour Filters Wildcard and Snap Card Games product is an exceptional teaching resource targeted at middle school educators and homeschoolers. This comprehensive tool provides insights into lenses, human eye characteristics, pinhole cameras, alongside intricate details on full-spectrum camera dynamics.

Skill Focus

  • An understanding of the order of the seven colours of the spectrum.
  • In-depth knowledge of white light dispersion.
  • A grasp over variations in refraction among red light and violet light during dispersion.
  • The laws governing primary and secondary light color formation.

Usage Scope

The games can be utilized across various group size settings – from whole class engagement to small study groups or individual play. Beyond classroom usage, they can also serve as excellent homework assignments or revision tools.

Included Contents & Instructions

The kit includes 66 playing cards designed to spur interaction while offering a thorough understanding of white light components.An easy-to-follow animated PowerPoint program is included for individuals new to wildcard or snap games ensuring improved learning retention.

Grade Level Applicability & Curriculum Integration

This resource is ideal for Grades 5 through 9 with its main application being in Science programs focusing on Physics curricula. Users are advised that this product comes as zip files requiring proper provision for downloading to fully harness its immense benefits.
With relatable content that beautifully balances education with engagement, this learning kit acts as a dynamic teaching resource particularly useful within middle school instruction contexts around physics principles related subjects.

What's Included

1 Zip file

Resource Tags

lenses color filters white light dispersion refraction variations interactive learning

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