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Word Building: Compounds, Prefixes, and Suffixes - Full Day Substitute Plans

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Grade 2, 3





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About This Product

Word Building: Compounds, Prefixes, and Suffixes - Full Day Substitute Plans

This crucial educational resource taps into the potential of young learners in second and third grades. It focuses mainly on Language Arts with an emphasis on vocabulary building. Implementation is seamless, requiring minimal time for lesson preparation.


The complexity of understanding language intricacies can be challenging for students, but also vital for effective communication. This product introduces fun activities to keep students engaged while they explore compound words, prefixes, and suffixes.

Morning Meetings and Afternoon Wrap Up Discussions:

  • Introduction to the day's activities.
  • Reinforcement of what was learned in class.

Reader Response Papers:

Students delve individually into fiction or nonfiction books recording observations about plot development, characters’ involvement or new terminologies encountered among other things.

Vocabulary Experimentation:

The study of language structures intensifies when students dissect compound words or experiment adding prefixes/suffixes like 'un', 'pre', 're', 'dis'. A well-laid out chart facilitates comprehension by indicating which root word aligns with one or more prefix/suffix to form examples like ‘undo,’ ‘redo,’ ‘unfillable.’

Puzzle-Solving Exercise:
Apart from traditional reading exercises to embed literacy skills within students; this approach aids pupils search for certain words within a passage aiming at boosting their overall comprehension prowess.

All contents are conveniently compiled into PDF files perfect for printing organized appropriately under different feats identifying required materials needed easing teachers' work during planning phase reducing unnecessary confusion thus increasing teaching efficiency.

Variation in Use of Resource:

This robust tool celebrates variation proposing alternative ways its resources can be used to possibly encompass whole class participation leading stimulating small group discussions, in-house assignments just to name a few.

Alignment with Common Core Standards:

All contents align seamlessly with Common Core Standards ensuring their nationwide applicability and relevance. This curriculum's content is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License which gives users liberty to adapt or transform moderately for exclusively non-commercial purposes while giving appropriate credit to the original author.

What's Included

1 PDF file.

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