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Write A Story Called 'The Summer Barbecue (7-11)

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Write A Story Called 'The Summer Barbecue' (7-11)

This instructional resource is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 11. It aids in enhancing their creative writing skills, vocabulary, dialogue construction, and understanding of sentence structures.

Engaging Stories

Children are introduced to two characters, Gareth and Gemma. They read these engaging stories to understand varied sentence beginnings, while preparing themselves to draft their own story about a summer barbecue or a supermarket trip with unexpected events.

'Guinea Pig Radio'

An interactive component included herein is learning dialogue construction through an imagined script from 'Guinea Pig Radio' with presenters George and Christabelle. In addition, they get the opportunity to compose texts or emails for a feature called 'Love To Be There,' describing thrilling places they have visited.

Different Types of Writing Assignments Students venture into different types of writing assignments as they conceive personas based on their experiences. The task involves using these imagined experiences to form stories involving unique characters navigating interesting plots.
  • 'I am’ List for Verbs & Complex Sentences:
    • The toolkit also helps learners build complex sentences using sub clauses.
    • In the package is provided an ‘I am’ list with a rich selection of verbs that students can incorporate into their writings.
    Tips for Expanding Vocabulary: Teachers gain access to suggestions for expanding students' vocabulary as part of the story planning process in this resourceful tool.
    Modes Of Application For Educators:
    Through several modes like whole group instruction period or small group workshops; timely peer feedback can be implemented fostering engagement across multiple grade levels namely Grade 2 through Grade 5 focusing primarily towards Language Arts especially Creative Writing. Available in PDF format, it is easy and convenient to use whether for virtual or real-time classes. Overall, this resource serves as a valuable time-saving tool for teachers planning lessons or homework assignments and also perfectly suits home study needs, fostering confidence in the writing process among students.

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