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All About Oceanography | Earth Science Unit

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4

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Dive into the mysteries of Earth's watery realms with this expansive oceanography teaching toolkit. Through vivid visuals, interactive worksheets and hands-on projects, core science concepts are broken down on topics like marine biology, seafloor topology and the physics of waves.

Begin by charting the contours of tide pools, trenches and basins on illustrated ocean zone posters. Then trace the flow of energy up food chains while coloring mesmerizing sea creatures. Craft 3D models of whales navigating vertical layers harboring everything from tiny plankton to luminous deep-sea jellyfish.

Discover how currents circulate heat and nutrients by analyzing articles written at two reading levels. Assess knowledge on branches of oceanography, tides and more using assembling activities, diagramming tasks and competitive memory games. Writing templates allow students to reflect on learnings through imaginative stories and expository passages on topics like tsunamis, pollution and conservation.

This resource contains suggested teacher pacing, plus differentiation ideas for learners of all abilities. Easily incorporate modules into existing earth science, biology and physics units or facilitate an entire stand-alone oceanography study. Through activities tapping interdisciplinary skills, unlock the code to reading the blue planet! I hope you love how well-rounded and fun this unit is! Dive in and enjoy!

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