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Alphabet Flashcards Set 1 | Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

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There are 2 visual type flashcard options in bright and colorful text as well as in black and white. Use these flashcards to help with letter recognition or make it a mix and mach memory game by placing the cards down and turning over each letter and matching the uppercase to the lowercase through memory. This will help reinforce learning the letters of the alphabet. Use this as classroom or homeschool activity where your learners are able to play independently or with other friends. Another tip is use hang up the pages on the wall.

Why are flashcards helpful in learning? There are many benefits to using flashcards that include (but is not limited to) helping to reinforce memory through image or text, easier to memorize a visual aid and helps to connect what is being taught.

Included in this download:

Uppercase Letters Flashcards (2 Text Options).

Lowercase Letters Flashcards (2 Text Options).

Both in Color and Black and White.

For Personal and Educational Use Only.

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Thank you for downloading Doodle Thinks resources and have fun learning!

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