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Apple 2D Shape Posters

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About This Product

These apple shape posters make a great fall or autumn themed shapes display or instructional tool for any preschool or kindergarten classroom. These apple posters add a fun way for students to practice recognizing their shapes.

What is Included:

This resource includes one poster card for each of the following shapes: rectangle, square, circle, triangle, heart, star, rhombus, diamond, oval, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, semicircle, and parallelogram. The posters are sized to be half the size of an 8 by 10 sheet of paper in landscape form.

This apple themed poster set will allow students to see all the common 2D shapes as if they were apples. This provides a fun twist on your everyday shape recognition activity.

How to Use:

  • These posters make a great 2D shape classroom or bulletin board display for an apple themed classroom.

  • These posters can be printed and placed in a math center for reference cards to assist students when completing activities about shapes.

  • These posters can be printed, laminated, and used as sorting mats for students to sort objects around the room by shape.

  • These posters can be used as teaching tools for introducing new shapes to students during circle time or whole group instructional time.

  • These posters can be used in small group activities for students to gain a better understanding of each shape.

  • These posters can also serve as shape flash cards for students to practice identifying 2D shapes.

Skills Assessed with these Posters:

These posters allow students to practice identifying and recognizing 2D shapes.

These posters are low prep. The need to be printed out and cut apart. They should be laminated for durability.

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