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Black Cat Sticker Sheets | Fun Stickers

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Black Cat Sticker Sheets | Encouragement and Motivational Resource

Stickers have always been fun to own and fun to create. This is a fun and adorable sticker pack for the autumn theme of a black cat with 5 color backgrounds as well as a plain white background. There are three options when printing: (1) use 1.5" round label sheets, (2) use standard printing paper and freehand when trimming, and (3) use sticker sheets paper and freehand when trimming. Use these stickers for classroom, personal, or educational projects. Use these stickers for personal notes, personal projects, or educational resources. For more creative ideas and resources, visit Doodle Thinks website.

Autumn color options included:

  • gray

  • purple

  • green

  • yellow

  • orange

Included in this download:

  • 20 Colorful Stickers.

  • 20 White Background Stickers.

  • Instructional Page

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Thank you for downloading Doodle Thinks resources and happy sticking!

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