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Boho Rainbow Digital Planner Stickers

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About This Product

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Boho Rainbow Digital Planner Stickers

This innovative teaching resource is transforming education for teachers and students alike. With their colorful hand-drawn doodles that abide by a vibrant boho rainbow theme, these stickers are perfect for digital planners, journals or notepads.

A Revolutionary Tool For Grading

These digital planner stickers can be utilized by educators during the assessment of student work. They allow teachers to make their feedback more dynamic and interactive. Regardless of grade level or curriculum, these flexible planner stickers can inject some excitement into every learning environment.

Versatile Features and Formats

The pack includes 26 one-of-a-kind digital planner stickers provided in two formats - individual PNG files and a pre-cropped GoodNotes file embodied within a ready-to-import horizontal planner page. Educators can modify each sticker's size and orientation to bring countless possibilities into their lessons.

  • Immediate Access: The Boho Rainbow Digital Planner Stickers set saves you time as they're available right away through an instant digital download immediately after purchase.
  • Please Note: This listing does not include physical items as it's exclusively designed for online use.

Incorporating The Stickers Into Your Lessons

Educators have various ways to infuse these graphics into their instructional methods such as whole-group classes where teachers apply the pictures during discussions; small group sessions with participants initiating conversations based on certain sticker images; or even in homework tasks where learners use them creatively in various settings according to their comprehension.

Ideal For Various Subjects With High Customization Capabilities:

Primarily targeted for Art & Music subjects under the Graphic Arts sub-category typology -these planner stickers can also be incorporated across numerous subject areas due to their high customizability. Boho Rainbow Digital Planner Stickers hence serve as a reliable tool in amplifying communication between educators and learners within today's digital educational platforms.

What's Included

There are 26 stickers included, which come in 2 different formats:

- 26 Individual PNG files

- Pre-cropped GoodNotes file (in a horizontal planner page ready to import into your favorite journal or planner!)

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