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Brag Bracelets For Building Self-Esteem In Elementary Students

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About This Product

Brag Bracelets For Building Self-Esteem In Elementary Students are an amazing way to reward students for their awesome behavior or just to show how awesome they are in general! These Brag Bracelets can serve as a visual reminder to students that help to boost self-esteem. You can use these Brag Bracelets as a classroom management tool or as a social worker/counselor, I also use these when student’s complete a skill related to their SEL goal. But they can be used as recognition when students complete any task.

These bracelets are truly a great gift for kids that serve as a reminder of some of their positive affirmations throughout the day!

Simply print (preferably on colored paper), cut and tape/glue together around your students wrist!

These brag bracelets focus on Positive Affirmations for Elementary Students and include self-esteem builders such as:

❤️ I Am Important

❤️I Am Brave

❤️I Learn From My Mistakes

❤️I Love Myself Exactly As I Am

❤️I Have People Who Love Me

❤️Today Is A Fresh Start

❤️and More!

Ideas for Use:

⭐For Classroom Management

⭐Building Self-Esteem

⭐Visual Self-Esteem Reminders

⭐SEL Goal Completion

⭐Ending Group Sessions

What's Included?:

⭐34 Affirmations

⭐8 bracelet designs on each page

⭐Total of 272 Bracelets

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