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nstilling confidence and self-esteem in students starts with helping them recognize and appreciate their own unique strengths. These Strength Cards are the perfect tool to foster positive self-image and empowerment.

The set includes 48 cards each featuring an uplifting strength word. Included words are: graceful, sporty, brave, funny, caring, clever, helpful, playful, friendly, musical, intelligent, happy, loving, creative, artistic, strong, honest, respectful, adventurous, patient, joyful, sensible, cheerful, gentle, calm, protective, resilient, reliable, responsible, curious, persistent, forgiving, enthusiastic, hopeful, assertive, courageous, energetic, fair, organised, imaginative, proud, active, ambitious, careful, co-operative, hard working, loyal and kind.

The diverse mix of attributes encompasses social, emotional, intellectual and physical strengths to represent the well-rounded potential of every child. Students can use these cards for self-reflection, goal setting, praise and affirmation exercises.

Teachers can incorporate Strength Cards into lessons on growth mindset, self-confidence, kindness and more. Have students draw a card and share a time when they exhibited that strength. Or, play an affirmation game where children give Strength Cards to classmates who display those qualities. The possibilities are endless!

With their vibrant, inspiring designs, these Strength Cards make identifying and celebrating students' inner strengths simple and fun. Educators looking for a flexible resource to reinforce positivity and self-worth will find these cards perfect for classroom use. Children will light up as they recognize their own amazing abilities and qualities represented in the deck.

The wonderful eye catching clipart is courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart.

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