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Climate Change Handout: Simple Explanation with Visuals

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About This Product

Climate Change Handout: Simple Explanation with Visuals

This student-friendly product offers a simplified scientific explanation of climate change. Tailored for learners in grades 4-10 or high school special education classes, it is designed as a one-page handout - a tool educators can easily print and distribute to add to their unit on climate change/global warming.

The handout simplifies complex terms using clear visuals and reader-friendly language. Concepts introduced include greenhouse gases and their sources, and thermal energy's role in global warming events triggered by human activities. The impact of actions such as burning fossil fuels or deforestation is explained and the resultant emissions measured in CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) are introduced.

This resource naturally complements other climate change activities in my store: projects like Personal Carbon Emissions Calculation Project (CLICK HERE) or Climate Change Solutions Project (CLICK HERE). It can be presented for the whole class on an interactive whiteboard to stimulate classroom discussions, or it can be used in small group sessions where each student has their own individual handout.

Main features:

  • Simplified language and clear visuals to explain complex scientific concepts

  • An evidence-based approach to highlight human impact on climate change

  • A flexible teaching aid suitable for various learning settings & styles

  • Compliance with NGSSMS-ESS3-5 standard documentation

What's Included:

A simple, one page handout in PDF form. Ready to print and go!

Grades to Use With:

This handout is perfect for students from grades 4-10. It could also be used in high school special education classrooms.

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