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STEM Project: Climate Change Solutions with Assessment Rubric

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About This Product

STEM Project: Climate Change Solutions with Assessment Rubric is designed for middle school students from Grades 6 to 9. It's a real-world resource designed to deepen student understanding of climate change and stimulate critical thinking skills while brainstorming and researching viable solutions based on current and future technologies. This resource can be used in subjects such as Science, Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering and Earth Sciences classes.

  • The hands-on approach in this project fosters active participation among students. They'll start by learning about the root cause of climate change and carbon cycles through online resources before proceeding towards a brainstorming session in order to think of solutions that could help rebalance our planet's atmospheric CO2 levels.

  • Their ideas for technologies or inventions can fall into several categories like reducing greenhouse gases produced by human activities; enhancing photosynthesis to absorb more CO2; reflecting the sun's rays away from Earth; storing excess carbon emissions; or using chemistry principles to transform surplus CO2 into other forms.

  • After choosing their solution concept within their groups or pairs, students delve deep into researching their unique idea. They will attempt to explain how their idea works, what materials are needed, and the optimal locations of implementation.

  • For presentation purposes, students have creative control over whether to choose a poster layout or digital methods like PowerPoint slideshows and video compilations.

  • To help keep things organized throughout the project, there’s an inclusive graphic organizer for note-taking. Additionally, an assessment rubric is provided for grading purposes and to guide the students throughout.

Grades to Use With: This project is designed for middle grades students in grades 6-9 or high school special education students.

What's Included:

A total of 6 pages in PDF Format:

Title Page

Teacher Instructions

3 Page Graphic Organizer for Students


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